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Can you Imagine?

  • Can you imagine feeling worthy enough to live the life you desire?
  • Can you imagine feeling connected to yourself and knowing your truth?
  • Can you imagine finding your voice, speaking your truth, and setting healthy boundaries?
  • Can you imagine finding your inner strength and holding the boundaries you set?
  • Can you imagine feeling connected to your body, being able to relax, and feeling more ease?

Growing up, I couldn’t imagine those things.

Growing up, I was really shy, disconnected, and dis-empowered by traumatic experiences that happened to me in childhood. I was also really sensitive. I would take what people said to heart, and unfortunately, I had to deal with verbal abuse and bullying. That left me feeling unworthy and disconnected from my power. I was also disconnected from my voice. I had trouble telling people no and setting healthy boundaries. I put the needs of others before my own. I even felt self-care and taking care of myself was selfish.

It was like living in a cage, although I wouldn’t even say I was truly living.

Today, I don’t need to imagine, I’m living it.

Today I am more connected to my voice and my power. I know my worth, and I know how to ask for what I want and need. I say no when something doesn’t feel right, and I set healthy boundaries for myself. I also focus more on self-care, utilize my no when I don’t feel resourced and my yes when I do. I have even discovered how to say yes to life and I’ve had some amazing experiences because of that.

It’s now my desire and my mission to not only help you imagine those things, but also live them!

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